Kindness Mission


September of 2012, I befriended a lovely group of artists while taking Kelly Rae Roberts’ online course, Flying Lessons (affiliate link).  We have a monthly blog circle, which depending on my schedule, sometimes I participate in and sometimes I don’t.  This month, our blog circle is participating in Kelly Rae Roberts, “Kindness Missions.”  We all have performed not-so-random acts of kindness and are sharing our stories.

Tons of great ideas were floating around, but with the weather being freezing, windy and snowy, many of them were not practical.  I opted for simplicity while staying warm.  Yesterday morning, I went through Starbucks drive-thru on my way to work.  I ordered my venti Cinnamon Dolce Latte and proceeded to the cashier.


My bill came to $5.02.  The cashier handed me my coffee and I gave her a $20 bill.  I asked the cashier if she would use the change to pay for the lady in the car behind me and keep the rest as a tip.  She smiled back at me and said, “Of course!  Thank you!  Have a great day!”  I smiled, thanked her and drove away.


Not only do acts of kindness provoke smiles and good feelings for the receiver, but they are also feel good moments for the giver.  I was able to brighten the day of two people I don’t know.  Who knows, maybe they will pay it forward one day.  Or maybe they already have.  Who doesn’t want to experience unexpected feel good moments mixed in with our rushed and crazy days?

Please share your experiences with random acts of kindness, whether you were the receiver or the giver in the comments below.  I (and my Flying Sisters) would love to hear them.  How did it make you feel?

Please follow along with our Flying Sisters Blog Circle and read about more not-so-random acts of kindness.  Ginger Deverell is next.


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