Hey guys, so many changes in my life and business. It’s been a month since the wedding and we finished moving me out of my apartment last weekend.

I’ve been settling into my new home and this is the first week that I feel like I am getting back into the swing of normal life again. It’s kinda nice to establish routines. I am a creature of habit, so I feel a little disheveled when I’m not in my routine.

You may have noticed I changed my last name in my business logo. I’ve been spending a lot of time updating my name and address everywhere. It’s amazing how many different places that is! It’s a little time consuming and I hope to have it all up to date really soon.

I still feel like a few more changes are needed with my art and business. I am concentrating on figuring it all out to where I feel satisfied with my direction.

Keep your eyes open for further changes and updates soon!

Happy weekend!!


There is a Sample Sale coming soon! Lots of changes are going to be happening around here and you get to benefit from it.

Some products will be retired, which means there’s extra inventory to let go of. I’ll be putting together a Sample Sale of products which will no longer be offered in the shop. I have some 2017 calendars remaining, which I would hate to throw into recycling, so I will repurpose them as ready-to-frame matted prints.

Everything will be priced to sell!

VIP email subscribers will get 24-hour advance notice of the sale before the rest of the world. If you want to be in the know and get first dibs, you can sign up here.

Mark your calendars for June 8th and remember to check back here for the link to the Sample Sale!


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The turtle and the eel at nomahegan park

Nomahegan Park, located in Union County, New Jersey, has a multitude of wildlife hanging out in the water and it’s surroundings. But, who would have thought there were eels in that water? Certainly, not me!

I took my camera and tripod on a hike to find some turtles and turtles I did find. I set up my camera and tripod where this big turtle had been chilling out with a smaller turtle on some wood in the water. The smaller turtle decided to go for a swim.

My photos had seemed a little fuzzy to me, so I opted to use the self-timer and do a continuous burst of photos to prevent any shaking my hands may have been doing. It was pretty uneventful and getting dark, so my fiancé and I packed up and headed home.

The turtle and the eel at nomahegan park 1

Upon looking through the photos on my computer, we noticed this black thing in the water and wondered what the heck that was. Was it another turtle? Was it a fish? The next photo showed it moving more out of the water towards the turtle. If you notice, the turtle saw him coming and moved his leg out of the way and under his shell. We could clearly see it wasn’t another turtle and didn’t really look like a fish. After a little research, we decided it was an eel. That eel sure is evil and creepy looking! I don’t blame the turtle one bit for moving away.

The turtle and the eel at nomahegan park 4

The next photograph looks like the eel was actually trying to attack the turtle, but he failed in his attempt. I did a little research after capturing these images. The funny thing is that turtles prey on eels, not the other way around. This was one bold eel trying to turn the tables, although unsuccessfully.

The turtle and the eel at nomahegan park 5

In the first photograph, I played around in Lightroom with the luminosity and really liked how it created a painted effect over the entire photograph. I had tried that effect on other photographs, but it didn’t look as cool as it did for this one. If you would like to purchase this print you can do so in my online shop.

I hope you enjoyed this little story about the turtle and the eel. You can add this to your box of useless information that could be used as a good conversation starter one day. It’s times like these that nature is so interesting to me. I, however, would never want to be swimming in water with an eel like that!


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